Tablets are truly amazing devices. They give us almost the same amount of functionality as a laptop but in a much smaller device. They are easy to carry with us wherever we go and they are perfect for both lounging on the couch watching a movie or sitting at a desk getting a little work done.

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their issues. We are able to fix all common tablet issues you may encounter with your tablet, ranging from minor annoyances to issues that will interrupt your usage.

At FIX IT London we always have a solution to the problem.

Your screen might not always appear to be cracked or even broken. Sometimes the real problem is actually behind the visible screen we see. Cracked screens can be caused by too much force being applied when handling or simply dropping the tablet. If there is visible cracks on the screen that is preventing you from using your tablet for daily purposes then it is best to repair it!  
If your tablet is running slow, it is important you update your antivirus software to protect your device from any viruses that could be causing it to operate slowly. If it’s not a virus, the internal memory could contain unnecessary files that are clogging up space and reducing the speed of the system.
Another factor could be that the devices’ memory is running low and is unable or takes long to store files, which slows down the tablet. Refreshing your Android software or/and expanding internal memory is the most cost-effective way to restore the full speed of your device.
Spilling juice, tea, coffee, water or other liquids could be very harmful to your device, so it is critical to react quickly. If possible the battery must be removed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. It is important that the tablet is not switched on before it is taken apart and every drop of liquid is removed from the electronic components, as this causes corrosion. Even if your device switches on afterwards, it sill won’t be perfect. It is more likely that the device will stop working overtime as corrosion will proceed. 
The latest software will be needed to ensure the tablet works as fast as possible and that all programs (apps) run smoothly. Usually, your tablet should inform you when a new software update is available. If not, or you would like other software installed, we are here to help.
If your device is unable to charge, charges very slowly, or doesn’t even turn on, it is possible that the charging port could be damaged. No need to worry, this is a common problem that is simple to fix. 
The use of tablet devices is becoming a common practice in establishments such as restaurants, retailers and other businesses. In order to keep your business running smoothly, we offer a replacement for your inoperative device on a loan basis whilst your tablet is being repaired (subject to availability).
We also provide IT services for small business including the supply of IT hardware and software, IT support packages and the latest IT solutions that ensure your business is secure and profitable.
As IT requirements can change from business to business significantly, and demand different levels of response and understanding, it is simply not cost effective for most small businesses to maintain a full time IT employee.
Taking these aspects into consideration, it is advised that IT support for small business is outsourced, or moved to a cloud-based system that can be managed and serviced by a reputable IT company.
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